You Are Under Arrest (Bonus update)
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Officer Scarlett arrests YOU in this video. Handcuffed behind the back outside and put in the back of a cop car, you are taken into jail. There you are forced to put on a uniform and are locked in a jail cell. Come watch this new point of view experience

We wanted to try something new and curious what your thoughts are on the video. Scarlett arrests Mr pinkcuffs but the idea is he is YOU. 95% of the video is his point of view looking at her, looking out at the cop car and looking out of the jail cell, and Looking at her while she tells him to remove clothes for strip search exc.

This was a custom shoot, but figured some of you might like the update, curious what you all think about POV style clips.

Latest Comments

  • Would love to see more of the female officers arrested male suspects. This is awesome!

  • Yes, I would love to see more female officers arresting male prisoners just like she was doing this in POV mode. I like seeing her and hearing her orders. Very realistic.

  • She did a great job.

  • Loved it. Very hot......
  • admin
    thanks for all your comments

  • I like the video very much. Maybe more Hands up and hands behind head next time, but it was really nice!

  • this was a great idea hope to see more like this
  • tafstan
    great video. I have been wanting to see the hot female officers arresting guys for a long time. I would love to see more of that with the usual POV too

  • Wow, Excellent Video! POV is great, I can imagine I am the inmate with this POV. Can you do a POV where you only hear the officers voice in the future but keep same dialogue. Overall Very good update
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