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  • KiraAnn
    Absolutely. Email us at pinkcuffsaz@gmail.com to discuss creating your custom video!

  • Are you still doing custom shoots?

  • Mia arresting vika would be fire

  • I would love to purchase my idea which is: • Overrall Rundown Having just purchased a little bag of weed from long time friend___, Kelsie finds her world flipped upside down, when she's arrested, forcefully and tightly handcuffed, made to lay all the way down hands out to side, palms up, legs crossed. A smaller model pair of silver hinged handcuffs are applied to her wrists. Scared and in shock, face-down on the street, tightly handcuffed, the officer(s) help her up, led by one arm to hood of cruiser, where she is bent over the hood, and thoroughly searched. Once searched, shes put in the back of the cruiser, as we see her nervously awaiting. She's driven very shortly to a secret spot, shes let out of the car, no such luck with the handcuffs. The Police try to scare Kelsie into giving up her friend Lisa, Officer Scarlett is eventually successful. The next part would then consist of Kelsie doing a controlled buy from Lisa, once deal done, Off.Scarlett come in Lisa, and Kelsie (to keep up appearances) are quickly face down, tightly handcuffed, and made to stay there whilst the place is searched, they find what they need take Lisa to face the music, and actually end up double crossing Kelsie by releasing her, for all of about 30 seconds, a time limit was never established, so they let her go, only to stop her as soon as she's ready to leave for good, and cuff her up again, last thing we see is Kelsie being put in cruiser and driven away.
  • admin
    email pinkcuffsaz@gmail.com and we can discuss your script. Prices very depending on the models you want and script

  • Prices? I forgot

  • I just purchased a custom video, and to anyone considering this, I would HIGHLY recommend it. They did a fantastic job!

  • Would be good if there were more striped uniforms.

  • A link from old files

  • I want you to put two handcuffs on the criminal's wrist.. Because the wrist is too thin, and there's a risk of escape. ... The police were angry because criminal swear or resist
  • raven12
    Suggestion: here is a stock video example that would be great for your lovely models: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-21841099-stock-footage-arrested-woman-posing-in-an-orange-suit-for-a-mugshot.html?src=/1YTH8SFFrUzcimuyhQl92g:2:51/3p

  • A handcuffing match. Each girl has a pair of handcuffs and whoever can hogcuff the other one wins. 1v1 is nice but a 2v2 would be awesome

  • Natalie Rose is sitting handcuffed in jeans and pumps in the holding area and then she must kneel on the bench and her shoes are taken of and her bare feet will be shackled with heavy leg-irons with a shorter chain (maybe 10 inches). Then her handcuffs will be removed and she is waiting in the holding area. She waits for a chance and then she escapes barefoot shackled on the rooftop of the prison building, but with the heavy shackles she can't escape the police officer who pursue and catch her and put her in the back of a police car. Plus scenes of her shackled bare and sexy soles.

  • have lisa doing a 'how to' on handcuffing. she can teach the other girls and then they can all practice on each other. they can also do a race on who can slap the cuffs on the fastest. also can include demonstration on how to properly use waistchain and black box. i like the dirty cop idea as well. can have someone get arrested then police belt stripped off

  • I'd like to see Robin getting arrested.

  • It would be interesting to have video(s) where the girl is innocent and falsely accused of the crime she is being arrested for. You could do that in combination with the suggestion to have her more scared/submissive.

  • I'd like to see Lisa getting arrested, preferably in her cop uniform. She can be a dirty cop who gets caught and arrested. She'd be handcuffed in her uniform before being brough to a jail cell and made to change into a prison uniform.

  • Please do a video of a reporter doing a story of what it's like being arrested preferably with Lisa or Katsya as the arresting officer. Wanted one for a while

  • High security transports of dangerous inmates to more secure facilities. Lots of restraints, because the girls need them. Thorough searches because they could be hiding weapons. Already career criminals even at such a young age. Lots of back and forth between the officer and inmate, almost like a game of cat and mouse between them, each jockeying for the upper hand. The inmate knows that once they reach the new cell, they probably will be there for the rest of their life.

  • i would like to see a video of brooke

  • speedcuffs speedcuffs speedcuffs, you get the hint?

  • Would like to see more of the orange jumpsuit, haven't seen that for weeks

  • would be nice if someone replied to my emails. ive sent 3 and noone replied.

  • Would also love to see more or Officer Scarlett in that cop costume arresting Lisa and Freya

  • I would love to see more of Lisa in that halloween cop costume. Maybe arresting Freya. Or i would love to see Freya arrest Lisa.

  • I agree with toshiroo and palms out about the watch

  • id like to see some takedowns. like a drugs raid or something, or a runner where they get tackled to the ground and and cuffed behind the back arrested. or maybe even being slammed on front of the car and then getting cuffed behind the back arrested.

  • Would love to see the waist chains and leg irons/shackles connected together with a connector chain in future updates when models are shackled. Thnx.

  • The current arrest method is too tame. I want to be more realistic situation when prison girl get arrested. The police use a pistol and then instruct the criminal for example : lie down on the ground. And then suspects arrest after the ankle cross or kneeling down arrest

  • yes to toshiroo.. loved when lylah wore a big watch. also agree that rocco should come back

  • Ahhh...I luv to see woman in handcuff with a huge metal watches !! That so awesome ... THX

  • you should bring Rocco back

  • My idea is as follows: Have a bailiff escort a model (I'd prefer Serenity) handcuffed from behind and held by her upper arm for both the model's verdict reading and sentencing. The bailiff should hold the model's arm for the entire duration of the verdict reading and sentencing without releasing her. As a bonus, have the bailiff fingerprint and take DNA samples from the model following sentencing.

  • I love the courtroom/trial videos! I think you should do more, but with handcuff shots from behind with a lot of arm grabbing (http://joelgordon.photoshelter.com/image/I0000wGt3lu9qQmI)

  • also would love to see the blackbox cuffs and waistchain put on tighter. and often they should be left cuffed behind while the waistchain is applied and then uncuff them when they are fully ready

  • agreed with prisoner in the increase of updates. glad to see theres a lot more vids and a lot less photo sets though. need more BEHIND BACK. and also i liked when you reenacted the interviews with the girls instead of just keeping them cuffed in front the whole time and listening to them talk.... need to cuff them tight behind the whole time and transport chains like in their stories

  • more arrest scenes in converse sneakers

  • P.S. I would prefer to see this with Lisa and/or Summer. Both look very relaxed in cuffs and ready for a challenge.

  • Hello You asked for some ideas: 1) Handcuff the girl behind her back tightly, as usual. Use duct tape to place the handcuff key somewhere on her body. The difficulty of the escape depends very much on where you put this tape: Behind her neck (very difficult), between her shoulder blades (average), on her belly (quiet easy) ... Let's see what the girl tries to get the tape with the key. If you use hinged handcuffs two girls may be needed to help each other. 2) The girl wears a bikini (or anything else with small strings). Cuff the girl behind her back, thread the hole of the key to the bikini string between her shoulder blades and secure the string with a good knot. The girl has then to untighten the knot to get the key which is quite difficult with her wrists cuffed behind and unable to see the knot. Flexible girls can get the key anyway even when cuffed with hinged cuffs. Sometimes the bikini bra gets a little bit misplaced but that should not be a problem for your members. Best regards

  • also more Scarlet and mia in orange jumpsuits, not a fan of the striped scrubs

  • no offense but the updates should be more frequent, 3 times week is just too little
  • admin
    Updates come out every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday as of right now

  • thanks for listening, glad your gonna make some chain gang videos. whens the next video coming out btw?
  • admin
    Thank you for all the comments, for sure some great ideas. Keep in mind that our content is edited / scheduled to be posted several weeks in the future so will be some time until you see any of these Ideas but we will incorporate into the shoots

  • more Lisa, Sandra and Natalie Rose! Handcuffed behind the back with chain cuffs in tight dresses, then put in cell together still handcuffed behind back and maybe have one of them keep trying to get cell door open

  • Yes please do scenes where they are sentenced there aren't any sites like that

  • or get booked first, change into jumpsuits, mugshots taken, then go to court in uniforms to get sentenced. sentences can involve hard labor and chain gang (marching/cleaning/picking up trash and stuff). also buy more orange jumpsuits, don't like the stripes very much. and i agree with NEP2011, girls arrested should act innocent/scared and submissive

  • agree with Bondman4, sentencing is a good idea

  • I like the classic arrests as well, not a fan of the on the ground stuff. I personally like to see the whole process arrest/transport/sentencing. I think a good scene (since I think your looking for scene ideas) is two girls getting sentenced (street clothes) separately, then put into a cell together. Maybe one gets a couple month and the other a couple years. After they talk for a bit the change into the jumpsuits and are taken to jail. Maybe even a third girl and add that chain gang. But I personally like to see their reaction to being sentenced. I also like that you guys actively look for feedback, makes me feel valued and what not.

  • Okay gonna write a bit of a novel here.

  • have them march in a chain gang

  • More Lisa

  • Agree on the silver handcuffs. Left that detail out. Hinged are my personal preference.

  • I second NEP2011. Arrest scenes with normal, standard issue silver handcuffs.

  • i like normal arrest scenes too. slap cuffs on tight. maybe have girls mouth off and put them in black box or recuff them behind thru cell port after theyv talked back

  • The arrest scenes are the best. But not where the girl goes down to the ground to get cuffed, just a normal arrest where the girl is scared/innocent. Lisa would be my top choice.
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