Turned In Part 1
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Aurora can’t handle it anymore and calls the police to turn herself in for a hit and run. When Officer Lo Valentine comes to place her under arrest she finds out Aurora wasn’t the only one involved. Come see this part 1 now!

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  • I agree about Lo. She is good in either role. Very believable. Just love how she does it.

  • @magalardo_ce6ad I agree. Lo IMHO is the only model who can play cop or criminal exceptionally well. Others are good both ways but have an edge one way or the other.

  • Need to work on doing better pat downs have them spread their feet when searching a suspect then remove shoes when entering jail and make sure the detainee doesn't have any contraband in shies or socks
  • raven12
    Good acting and good story. But this is Aurora, not Lavender.

  • Enjoying this update so far. I always love seeing Lo in whatever role she is playing.
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