Summer Street Arrest Part 3
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Summer is able to see a judge to get her sentence. Officer Lo escorts her to see how long she is going to have this inmate in her jail for. Come see the last part of this series!

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    and thanks @ronald B for your feedback glad you liked the video :)
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    The chat feature was broken for a bit but it should be up and running again. your also welcome to email for support as well

  • And I just joined to see all this! Story of my life, when I get into something it's on the way down.

  • Mabey we should all be filing complaints with Epoch who handles the payments for this site.

  • I agree with Nep2011. What's going on? You write to it by email and chat and nobody ever answers

  • Pretty sure they’ve given up it’s been going down hill for awhile.

  • We are something like 6 days behind on updates at this point! It's ridiculous!

  • I agree not good at all, and the delayed updates don’t help. I don’t even open anything past part 1 anymore. This can be done so much better

  • This is really getting frustrating! The updates are not coming as they should and the last several updates that we have gotten have been very poor. I will not be renewing my membership!

  • This is just more of the same boring stuff. this is not good enough, and I think we're still missing an update.
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