Summer Street Arrest Part 2
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Officer Lo brings Summer back to the station to begin processing. She searches her and gets her fingerprints and mugshots before placing her into the cell. Come see part 2 of 3 now!

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  • admin
    @Nep2011 well we are in the process of booking new models. Most of the new models will be showing first on and the new site And will be making it to prisonteens if people like them :)

  • Here's another one where the shoes should have been removed at least for the mug shot in order to record accurate height.

  • @gln Agree those might be the top two. I also like the scared/good girl role that Mackenzie does sometimes

  • @Nep I agree acting ability makes a big difference in these. I think lo and rene have the best acting. You?

  • We’re still missing an update ....

  • Don’t like Summer, wouldn’t mind doing away with her but maybe others like her I guess. Her energy/attitude is the worst of all the actresses to me, not to mention her acting. Way too extra and dramatic
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