Summer Arrested Part 3
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In the last part of this series Summer is forced to put on a jumpsuit and face her fate. Officer Natalie sticks her in the cell with shiny handcuffs on. Come see!

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  • @magalardo_95685 Please see the link below. I accidentally posted it before I could write comments.


  • I would love an interview video with Summer about her experiences with handcuffs, if she's ever been arrested for real, etc.

  • Summer's bratty attitude in jail is such an amazing turn-on.
  • KiraAnn
    For real! I agree. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comments!

  • ROTFL at Summer's comments on the orange jumpsuit. She should have said that it was cruel and unusual punishment to force anyone to look like a Clemson Cheerleader! :D How fitting for Spoiled Summer to be put in jail barefoot and wearing disgusting orange. Thank you, Prisonteens, for starting off my long weekend by feeding my women's prison fetish and foot fetish by way of the one and only Summer.
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