Summer Arrested Part 2
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Summer gets taken back to the station for some questioning, where she tries to get control of the situation. Come see what she has to say in this part 2 of 3 now!

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  • admin
    I agree Its great seeing summer play spoiled brat getting to serve some jail time! And officer Michael makes sure she gets the appropriate punishment

  • Ahh... Summer. You play this role to a T! You are very entertaining. 😘❤

  • @magalardo_95685 You got that right. This is the part she does best. I had been critical of the makeup and hair she has had lately but that was when she was when she was playing a cop. Such does not match a policewoman but it's perfect for this kind of character. She's just too good of a bad girl to play a cop unless perhaps she's undercover.

  • I love seeing Summer play a spoiled brat in trouble.
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