Summer Arrested Part 1
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Officer Natalie gets an exciting day when she sees Summer out for a jog. Summer decides to make a run for it and Officer Natalie has to chase her down. Come see Part 1 now!

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  • I just love Summer! She is Sexy Sassy and unapologetic. ❤

  • Actually like this one

  • @magalardo_95685 Yes, got to love it! By the end of this week Summer will be back in jail once again. She and Mackenzi are the biggest jailbirds on Prisonteens. Summer thinks she is too good to be there no matter how bad she is. Mackenizi is the never do well who keeps making mistakes.

  • Summer is up to her old stuff again, acting up, and getting herself into trouble. Love it.

  • After a couple of not so great videos we are back to the sure fire hit of perennial bad girl Summer.
  • raven12
    Nice outdoor arrest. And I liked how Summer complained and struggled during the car ride.
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