Sophia Arrested Part 3
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Last part in this series! You don’t want to miss it! Sophia finally gets to take her shower and finish up her processing. She is then put in a cell to begin her punishment. Come see!

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  • KiraAnn
    Thank you so much for everyone's feedback. :) Love hearing what you guys think. Sophia and Summer looked so good together in this one!!

  • This could be a sleeper uniform that she got for the night. Summer's shift was ending, so the evening or possibly overnight shift would be coming on, depending on whether they work 8 or 12 hour shifts. In the morning Sophia would be fitted with a regular uniform in time for her court hearing.

  • .I think so too, all prisoners must have uniforms and tight chains

  • I think so too
  • raven12
    The acting and the dialog are really good. I would prefer to see Sophia in a prison uniform at the end.

  • I hope there will be more shower scenes like this.

  • I love that the tightly secured handcuffs and leg shackles stayed on Sophia during her shower!! Sophia is an awesome model and looks great in cuffs/leg shackles!! Thanks for doing this shoot while Sophia was in town!
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