Sisters Arrested Part 1
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Mackenzi lands her and her sister Cara May into a hot mess when Officer Jackie Jupiter shows up at their home to execute a search warrant. Come see what happens in this exciting part 1!

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  • Please have more girls raise their arms in surrender

  • Oops. Posted too soon. Looking forward to these two babes strip searched (Won't take much stripping) on Sunday's post. Good timing here to have another shortage of clean uniforms, so the girls have to be in jail naked for awhile.

  • @Hondo76 Mackenzi is, among currently active models, my favorite for arrest. Of course my all time favorite is Summer but she is not now listed as active. Stevie Mae is a close third place. Like Summer, she thinks she's too good to end up in jail.

  • Well done! Both girls did great. Mackenzie is my favorite model to get arrested. Would be nice to have her palms facing out when getting handcuffed and then zoom in. But yeah as always, great content 👍🏽
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