Shop Owner’s Revenge Part 2
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Officer Lisa takes Charlotte to the jail to begin processing. They start off with a prison shower before giving Charlotte a uniform. Come see this part 2 of 3 now!

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  • I usually do prefer the orange uniform or the classic black and white stripes, but Charlotte looks absolutely stunning in the green.
  • karn_c35ab
    Poor Charlotte keeps getting cuffed behind the back while naked. I wonder why? :-)
  • dws9269
    This would have been a good video where she is given a razor as she goes into the shower and it told where and whn to shave. SHe proably woudl normally shave int he shower anyway, but this could add to the process and theis tiem she is actually told what to do and where (legs, underarms, etc) type of thing. Adds to humiliation factor. Just thoughts..............
  • dws9269
    It was great. Loved the "perp walk" type of thing. I do thjink it is stupid to have her handcuffed when she takes a shower. But other than that, it was totally great.
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