Serenity Arrested for using stolen credit card at restaurant Pt2
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Serenity is taken to the station, strip-searched, and put in a jumpsuit, leg irons, and belly chain with handcuffs

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    @peheh33 is correct we have been on a 5 day shoot traveling to this awesome prison. First update is just posted!

  • i think they got a real prison for shooting but they forgot to upload or to think about how they will upload there just wait

  • Here's an idea why don't you update your frickin website more often so you don't lose all your subscribers !

  • agreed. shouldn't have to constantly remind admins about updates. and never ever a single bonus video or anything extra... literally the bare minimum for the price if it even meets that

  • Calling it dead is going a bit far, considering this video was uploaded only two or three days ago. But to be fair, the website is often late with new videos or inconsistent in release time, which they really should be better about considering the cost of membership.

  • Update?

  • Is this site dead?
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