Serenity Arrested for using stolen credit card at restaurant Pt1
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Serenity orders food at a restaurant and then attempts to use a stolen credit card to pay the bill. When the waiter realizes the card is stolen he asks for her ID. It doesnt match and he lets Serenity know that the cops were already called and to please wait for the cops to arrive. Serenity tries to leave but its to late as she is walking out the door officer Persephone stops her and places her under arrest

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  • Serenity is so beautiful with a pair of amazing long legs.

  • I can see where palmsout means, but I actually liked this video. Cool scenario and decent acting. It would have been nice to see her escorted and perp walked a bit more and/or shown in handcuffs longer
  • admin
    soon probably Jan 22 or Jan 23rd, and yes our last video we did more time cuffed on curb with our most recent video with ava

  • when do we get pt. 2 ?

  • 3 minutes of eating and 15 seconds of handcuffing... cant u show her outside the car for a bit longer or sit her on the curb before u seatbelt her in and u cant see cuffs. this clip shows handcuffs for like 30 seconds what a waste
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