Scarlett Self Surrender Part 6
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Scarlett is woken up in the morning for her release after a long night of serving her sentence. She gets some time to wake up before being processed out. She is taken out of her cell and her handcuffs are taken off. She is given her clothes to change back into so she can be released. However, there is a little surprise in store for Scarlett. Come see what happens in the last part of this series!

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  • cardsfan789745_a0d41
    Not a huge fan of the last couple weeks of updates if this doesn’t change or if the cuffs don’t start to get tighter i will be cancelling my subscription

  • Good video, though the swollen hand from being in handcuffs overnight was a bit concerning. Given that most jails and prisons do not allow inmates to be handcuffed while sleeping, might I suggest them being removed during sleep time (should you guys choose to do this again)?
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