Scarlet Skies Arrest Warrant Pt2
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Scarlet is processed into jail. She is stripped, searched and put in a prison jumpsuit with orange jail shoes. She wont be going anywhere until her court date on monday.

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    This was one of our live shows! Join the next one and tip for orange jumpsuit :) I personally like the dark green and that jumpsuit came from the Florida department of corrections and is used

  • Very good strip search. Of course there was not much to strip. Glad he took the cuffs off so she could play with bars. I had suggested orange for the jumpsuit but the dark green with the orange slippers went very well on her. Will there be another part when she goes to court?

  • Scarlet Is my favorite I hope we see more Scarlet Skies in future updates. I was happy to see you all did a full strip search on her.
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