Saphire arrest warrant pt 1
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Officer Lisa has an arrest warrant for failure to appear to court for a previous DUI charge. Officer Lisa rings the door bell and Saphire answers the door, she denies having any court date. Lisa checks her ID and confirms she has the right person and then places Saphire under arrest and puts her in the cop car

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  • admin
    updates will be happening more regularly now we made some changes. thanks @palmsout

  • Just about everything was good except with that dress she needed at least 4 in. sandals!!!

  • I'm not going to renew my subscription until the updates start happening regularly.

  • Update?

  • updates are still an issue....

  • +1 palmsout, hinged cuffs are better imo

  • yet another smoking hot model. well done. and lisa is a great cop as always. I like when she uses the hinged cuffs and holds both the girls hands and slaps them on.. for whatever reason iv never liked the peerless hinge or chain ones I dunno y. good stuff tho

  • she's perfect. hope to see a full stripsearch
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