Sage Stardust Arrested Part 2
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Sage Stardust and her boyfriend are taken back to the station by Officer Persephone. She gets them in and starts with Sage for questioning/processing. Come see what happens in this part 2 of 3!

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  • Yes, this was a totally useless part. Unless something very remarkable happens in the last part this video has been a waste.
  • Inmate4583
    I would like to see more guys being arrested by female officers

  • Agree with the other comments. Sage is a great model but the clip is boring. All of the 3 part clips are pretty much exactly the same. Could we get a little variety? Change the angles, change what happens, change something up. And please no more guys in the clips

  • @smilzo83_240cf I agree completely. "Come see what happens in this part 2 of 3!" Thats a pretty funny joke considering nothing of interest happened. Like, really? Two full parts in and processing has barely even started.
  • smilzo83_240cf
    really a useless update, this one
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