Sage Stardust Arrested Part 1
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Sage Stardust and her boyfriend are arrested by Officer Persephone. She gets them both on the ground to be handcuffed. Come see what happens in this part 1 now!

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  • Inmate4583
    More guys getting arrested by female officers please

  • I'm guessing that the boyfriend will be shuffled off to the never seen men's section once they get to the station. The "first one to talk gets the deal" approach might work here.

  • Very hot girl, don't know why there's a guy in the video though.
  • tafstan
    I would love to see more of guys getting arrested by the hot female officers

  • It should only be females arrested. If a guy is in the scene that’s fine but he should never get arrested. We only want to see girls get busted.

  • The car ride is entirely too long. They should at least have arrived at the station by the end of this part. Yes, Sage is a hottie.

  • Shes hot as hell. Hope to see her more in the future.
  • raven12
    I don't mind the occasional male/female combo, as long as the girl is treated the same way as the boy - like here. That is a long car ride though.
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