RV Arrest Part 4
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Summer keeps up her antics and is royally pissing off Officer Mia. Officer Mia isn’t going to take it anymore and thinks up the perfect punishment to settle Summer down. The girls are already handcuffed and in the humiliating jumpsuits, what else could she do to them? Come find out in this final piece of the series

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    we moved to a wide angle lens for this shoot, with the narrow hallways cant really get much more in the frame, had good shots but couldnt get both together in camera frame with how that place is built

  • I liked the video, but it was a bit hard to get a good view of them in the cells, likely because the camera can't move back that far in the hallway. The part in solitary was much better. It would've been nice to have some filming with the camera in the cell with them. Or just have them step further away from the bars so you can see their whole body.
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