Ruby’s Real Arrest
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Ruby Vuitton’s very raw and real arrest filmed by her boyfriend. Please keep in mind this is an amateur video shot during a time of high stress and in the presence of real police. This video may be hard to watch for some as this was a traumatic experience for Ruby.

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  • karn_c35ab
    Why show this? It was extremely unpleasant and (it should go without saying) not at all erotic. Even simulated nonconsensuality isn't all that interesting to me unless it's obviously all in fun (so the bad acting is actually a plus). Best of all are nonscripted, playful scenes and outtakes.

  • Brought tears. She was so traumatised. My heart goes out to her.

  • that was hard to watch. i really feel for her, she clearly has problems and whatever she has going on i hope she gets the help needed and that she is ok. sending thoughts and prayers
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