Roxie Heart arrested at the pool for an illegal substance
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HD 1080p video 7 Min 47 second video of Roxie Heart placed under arrest by officer scarlet at the pool in her bikini. She is placed under arrest in hinged handcuffs. Since she was behaving her cuffs were switched to chain cuffs for the cop car ride.

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  • Excellent Video...Yes, Many More Arrests and Leading of Girls in Bikinis Please

  • One of the best videos on the site, IMHO!

  • I strongly disagree with pboda... I love seeing them escorted. Just mix them up or something so everyone is happy.

  • When the officer leads the girl to the car, she has her hand at the girl's arm. I prefer the girl goes "free".

  • Extremely hot. Please do more girls in bikinis being arrested. and also using the regular silver handcuffs, not the pink/blue ones (makes it feel more authentic)

  • Fantastic clip. Could also do reverse where girl is put in chain cuffs but is not cooperating so she gets put in tight hinges cuffs and leg irons
  • admin
    There will for sure be more of Roxie Heart! Glad you like @pguard

  • like it .... hope to see more of her
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