Rip-off Ring Part 1
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Four hot girls, Muse Mia, Helen Troy, Renee Risque, and Jackie Jupiter are all scheming together and ripping off sales transactions. The girls had a plan and were working together until Renee made a mistake. Officer Lisa busts in on the girls with her gun drawn! She handcuffs all four criminals and brings them down to the station for questioning and processing. Think these naughty girls will talk?? Come see what happens in this part 1 of 2!!

Latest Comments

  • They need to be wearing hi-heel shoes & all four need to be gagged. this would improve a rather boring video into something a lot better!
  • raven12
    I agree. Street clothes for the arrest is more interesting. Still this is the only site that arrests 3-4 girls on a regular basis.

  • Actually, I think this was a good update although I’d prefer to see everyone wearing actual clothes instead of lingerie all the time.

  • Pretty boring, nothing new or different here.
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