Renee Framed Part 2
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Officer Lisa takes a very confused Renee to jail in the back of her police vehicle. Once they arrive at the jail, processing begins. She is fingerprinted, gets her mugshots, has to strip down and put on her new orange outfit. She gets some silver handcuffs, a waist chain, and shackles to go with it!!! Come see this part 2 of 2

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  • admin
    @Arccert This was a custom shoot the client didn't want the watch removed. If you would like your own custom shoot please email

  • When you do a strip search everything should come of shoes socks jewelry ect but I did like this video do more like this but better searching shoes should come off during the mug shots and while in a jail cell
  • KiraAnn
    No Part 3 for this video. New update just posted. Apologies and thanks for your patience! Fresh content coming soon

  • No part 3?

  • good update, I agree the clock has to be removed and I repeat that the models should be better controlled before wearing prison uniforms
  • raven12
    Decent update, but I prefer to see the watch taken off when the model puts on the prison uniform.
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