Quarantine Cuties Part 1
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Violet and Indica Monroe are trying to enjoy the nice weather by the pool when they can’t get in! The gate is locked! They decide to keep the party giong in the grass when Officer Lo Valentine shows up. The girls are not taking the quarantine very seriously. Come see this part 1!

Also we had several people asking why they could not download the videos. All new videos will be streaming only, we are in difficult times and not sure how much longer we will be able to continue shooting we are already cutting way back, and to make things even more difficult we have certain users who are stealing our content and uploading to other places. We are just trying to survive these difficult times thanks for your understanding and support

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  • Video download link only pulls up a 3-picture download, not the video. Please fix. (does this on Part 2 also)

  • or nikki arresting mia. that would be fire too

  • you should get nikki or some asian girl to arrest nikki's ass. That would ne fire
  • KiraAnn
    I agree. We look forward to working with her more. You can also request a custom shoot with her as an officer. I think she would enjoy that a lot!

  • indica is pretty good at acting, i look forward to see more of her (maybe as an officer?)
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