Prostitution Sting Ziva Fea Pt 1
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A undercover John calls in and orders a prostitute. Ziva fea agrees to pay for adult services for $500 for adult services and also agrees to be handcuffed. The John handcuffs ziva, and then officer Scarlett walks in and lets Ziva know she was at that moment under arrest. Ziva was very upset

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  • Fairly good except for the outer attire that she wore upon entering.
  • admin
    @Advocate, we are looking to hire a new cop, very difficult to train and have reliable cop... Lisa and Scarlett now have 2 years of experience and 6 months now for Persephone. For sure a learning curve and models tend to be flaky which means we have to have only the most reliable models as cops. Yes @Palmsout ill make sure officer scarlet keeps them cuffed behind :)

  • prisoners should almost always be cuffed behind

  • Not that I dislike Lisa, Scarlett. and Persephone, but can we see different actresses playing the cops?
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