Prison Inmates Part 1
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Amanda and Kaitlynn have been in prison for a while now. They have a routine that they follow. When they’re favorite guard Lisa comes around, they know what to do. Come see this Part 1 now!

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  • Love this one..................

  • Would love to see more with barefoot + shackles outdoors.

  • More. Lisa.
  • admin
    Thanks for the feedback. This was a custom and the client wanted those models. We have customs available and yes Kelsie will be available if anyone wants to book her for a custom.

  • Well done but I would have picked others to be seen in this long herm nude scene. Among the available and willing to do nude models listed on customshoots, I would have picked Nikki Darling and Mackenzi. Kelsie is here for a limited time. She would have been very good also.
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