Police Academy
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Police Academy featuring 11 of our beautiful models displaying handcuffing techniques! You don’t want to miss it!

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  • Very enjoyable! Do you mind telling me the names of the girls that were cuffed from left to right?

  • Very entertaining! I truly enjoyed it. Maybe a speed cuffing competition between the officers would be fun, too.

  • @admin Acknowledged. The idea of the multiple strip searches was just a nice fantasy anyway, as I know that not all your girls are willing to do total strips. As for the jumpsuit "fashion show" if I was to offer to fund some of it and two or three others offer to fund it, could it be done that way? Or, what if one person each funded named his model and color jumpsuit and funded her until all suits were taken?
  • admin
    Thanks @Raven12 And RonaldB thats a cool idea! but this video is thanks to a very generous fan who funded this shoot I probably couldnt budget to hire that many models at once! But we do offer customs!

  • LOL, this was a great parody of segments of a beauty pageant. Those were very popular on local and network TV when I was growing up. How about having a sequel with strip search demonstrations? :D Another idea would be, like the recent show by Summer, for on girl at a time to come down the hallway in cuffs and chains and dressed in a different jumpsuit. Then she walks over and is locked up in the holding cell and then the next "contestant" makes her walk. At the end they all wave from inside the cell while the moderator asks who is your favorite.
  • raven12
    That is an awesome amount of models, not to mention the hardware. Well done.
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