Persephone Gets Transferred To Prison Pt 2
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Persephone got transferred from Officer Lisa’s jail to Officer Scarlett’s prison. Officer Scarlett makes sure all of her inmates are clean when they first arrive, so Persephone gets to take a shower!

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  • Persephone has been the cop so much lately I forgot how good she was as a prisoner. The real jail is cool too

  • The video works ok for me. Great update, please do more shower scenes
  • admin
    IM unable to reproduce issue. I made entire new file, and rendered. Tested on 3 computers and no issue. Please email me if your having further issues

  • file is corrupt for me too
  • admin
    @palmsout I shrunk down the size of the video, let me know if its working for you. It worked for me but im thinking your issue was how large it was

  • download is corrupt i thiknk
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