Persephone Arrests you. Crazy weekend shoot!
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This week we have a very special update. We have been on a 5 day trip to a realistic prison. Officer Persephone books YOU into prison for. Perfect video to fantasize about being arrested by officer Persephone.

She throws you into a jail cell and locks you in for the night. Eventually you get in trouble for not keeping the cell clean and get thrown in solitary. You Masturbate in solitary and she catches you and then throws you in the padded room and eventually cuffs you in the jail shower

Sorry for being a while since the last update, we have been traveling and working hard getting this shoot together at this awesome prison!

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  • i love this one i really wish you guys had more of these POV arrest videos! Persephone is perhaps the best cop on here and i would love to see more of these types of videos!!! You should also make them longer and more involved, and with more Persephone!!!! Please!!!!
  • admin
    thanks @mtyankee! and I agree thanks for the tip
  • admin
    @wisskirc_1143e Maybe we will have to arrange for persephone to arrest you someday

  • I'll be found guilty of all charges (murder 1st and assault of a police officer). The sentence is mandatory, as a few jury members voted against the death penalty, I get life without parole, I'll be happy to serve my sentence in this prison, and Persephone will punish me for any rule violation.

  • Great update! If you wanted the viewer to be handcuffed in future videos, you could have the officer open the cuffs in frame and then close them out of frame to protect the sense of illusion, if that makes sense.

  • unfortunate that it was almost no handcuffs in this update but indeed awesome prison !

  • Are you going to do a video with Officer Persephone handcuffed and in those cells? Amazing place!

  • Cool setting. Hope we see inmate models using it.
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