Perp #2 is taken into Custody by Officer Ziva and Officer Mewchii
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Perp is trying to flee but Officer Ziva and Officer Mewchii manage to catch up to him and take him into custody. The perp is taken into the station where he is booked and processed into jail.

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  • snakego
    @admin, as a business owner myself I know how hard it is to keep your business afloat while providing value at an affordable price-point. Keep at it, I'll be here supporting the journey.
  • admin
    Thanks for the feedback @dws9269 Be sure to post this comment on under the video we will be taking the comments directly from those videos to produce future videos. As far as the stripping part this one was POV in the perspective of the male inmate being strip-searched, but there will be some videos that show everything. As we get more people purchasing the videos ill be able to do more As far as the price point goes for the only reason prisonteens exists at the price its at is 90% of the videos are funded in custom requests, this site doesn’t actually make enough to cover the costs to produce the videos on it. Femuniverse is at a price point I can actually take the comments on the videos seriously and eventually produce videos based off the comments / requests once we have enough users. The content on Prisonteens I have little control over most videos are customs. Only charging $39.95 to watch every video we ever have produced has really been killing us and probably the biggest mistake I made starting this site
  • dws9269
    It is getting rather pricey to watch these videos....$59 in just the past two videos.....compared to the Prison teens site. IS there something that can be done about that.
  • dws9269
    It is getting rather pricey to watch these videos. Is there something that can be doen about that coming from a loyal customer.
  • dws9269
    Like the video. The dialogue was great and teh banter between all parties was good. Again, the pullingthe camera away when he is told to strip piece by piece was unfortunate. It took away from some of the humiliation factor watching him have to strip in front of two female cops. THey could pull away to the cops when they get to the underware removal, but that is it. Also, at tht point, they could give him a pat down like they do with the female prisoners after they strip and then are searched. Just a thought. They coudl alos make some comments to him while he is stripping, i.e., hairy chest, hairy bush, hairy pits, tatoos, etc. They could make some more comments on his boy pasts, positive or negative.
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