Part 2: Tori to Jail
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Tori is being taken in to the jail after she was arrested. She continues her car ride while handcuffed until she is brought in to the jail. She is put into a jail cell to hold her while they finish booking her. Her victim, Tani, is brought in for questioning to see if they can determine what exactly happened. Watch as this drama unfolds and Tori’s fate is decided. Make sure you watch Part 1: Tori Arrested

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  • maybe some organization with the updates would be nice, i mean instead of getting all part2/3 these past updates, maybe add some new content (part1) then upload part 2 of others updates ect..

  • these past 2 updates have very little quality content. both put together are barely as good as one decent update... many updates have been ok lately but missing the mark with some especially with these 2
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