Part 1: Tori Arrested
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Things get a little interesting for Tori when she is pulled over on suspicion of driving intoxicated, and the Officer finds something…more like someone in the trunk of her car. Looks like Tani and Tori had a rough night. Get the scoop on what happens in the first part of this exciting trilogy!

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  • Why do you tie the models hands in front while she is taped gagged. She could simply reach up & remove the tape with no effort at all. But you need a lot more tape gagged models than you have, espically during arrest. Richard

  • I'm biased, but the more duct tape involved in arrests, the better ; P

  • I agree it could be diversified - but to be fair, this site has been vastly improved over the last few months. And the models are sexier. Just keep remember to do those arm grabbing escorts!!! Maybe do a close up on the guard holding the prisoner tight.

  • agree with palmsout

  • too many clips now with just riding around in car and nothing happening. change cuffs, pull over, pick up another prisoner... anything would be nice
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