Officers Jackie and Mia Arrest You POV Part 2
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Officers Jackie and Mia get you back to the station for processing. Come see the final part of this video where they strip you down and get you in a cell!

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  • admin
    @wowbeno88 We decided we are starting a new website will be more content like this or with guys getting arrested by hot lady cops

  • @admin, please do so <3
  • admin
    @wowbeno88 that is a cool idea, men going to jail by female officers is something that does interests me as well not sure if i would start a new site but maybe could do a few clips like that in the future on one of our clip stores

  • If there was a site from you guys where there were men getting handcuffed and arrested by the female cops I'd sub to it in a heartbeat, just saying.
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