Officer McKenzie Arrests Angie Pt 2 of 2
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Angie is processed, finger printed, searched, then thrown in jail

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  • need more officer McKenzie videos!!! Maybe a pov arrest video like the one with Persephone??!!!!! I would LOVE that!!!!!!

  • fantastic, beautiful wonder these girls in orange prison suit

  • fantastic, beautiful wonder the girls in orange prison suit

  • (also a real jail would probably make her take out her hair tie and earings. but other than that I liked the video)

  • (also don't forget to cut out parts where you say action)

  • I mean searches aren't really my thing so I can't say if they're good or not, but I feel like most of the intake videos have pretty realistic searches. This one wasn't a strip search, but perhaps the model didn't feel comfortable with it.

  • would be nice for the officers to actually search the prisoners like actual police officers do

  • agreed... and this was best way she was cuffed in this whole clip series.. try to focus more on cuffs as well as shackles when they are being put on too

  • just noticed that we dont have the handcuffing scene at 2:28, is it intended or just a mistake ?
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