Officer Mackenzi Arrests Lisa Part 1
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Officer Mackenzi pulls Lisa over after some skeptical driving and finds a lot more than she bargained for! Come see this part 1 now!

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  • @Mikepav7 I was the one that asked for this custom and I don't like the use of Leg cuffs on a prisoner or arrested person unless they kick up a fuss, leg cuffs are not used where I come from

  • I agree with the whole leather part. They both look really good. Love seeing Lisa get tightly cuffed. This is a great video

  • Think she should of been shackled right before going in cop car

  • @thefelon Leather and handcuffs go great together.

  • @magalardo_95685 You beat me to the post about payback. @thefelon Yes, they both look very good in leather.

  • Definitely dig the leather on both of them.

  • Mackenzi* damn auto correct

  • Mackenzie is getting her chance at payback a few times recently for all the times Lisa has arrested her. 😁

  • Nice act of Mackenzi and Lisa
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