Officer Luna Lux Arresting POV *Bonus*
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Do YOU want to be arrested by Officer Luna Lux?? Come see what it’s like and step into her inmate’s shoes! We give you the inmate’s view from arrest to jail. Come enjoy this bonus update and tell us what you think!

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  • I agree. I love Scarlett giving commands like that. Since we assume this is a male prisoner, why don't we have some more fun. She could acutally do a more visual search. Make a comment that she is not use to seeing all this body hair on a prisoner as most are female. Tell him to raise his arms and she will run her fingers through his underarm hair as part of the search. She could say. "ticklish?" and smirk. THings like that.

  • Please make more of these

  • More of these please. Truly the only reason I use this website

  • Amazing video, loved it

  • yess this was awesome

  • I really like this point of view and i love Scarlett giving commands
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