Officer Luna Lux Arrested for DUI pt1
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Officer Luna Lux was off duty and had a few too many drinks and decided to drive home. Officer Nikki Darling saw her swerving and pulled Luna over. Officer Nikki walked up to Lunas window and asked for her license and registration and Luna responded by saying “that shouldn’t be necessary, i’m actually an officer” Nikki didn’t care and still took her license and registration. Nikki also smelled alcohol and requested she got out of the vehicle to preform a sobriety test. Luna failed and Nikki detained her and had her sit on the curb handcuffed while she got the breathalyzer. After Officer Luna Lux blew in the breathalyzer she was searched and taken to jail

(Luna Lux use to be known as Scarlett Rose, but now she has a new name)

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  • There is a part 1 at the end of the title now
  • admin
    Well Officer Nikki is on our custom shoot list if you all want to book her as the next cop!

  • I just noticed that there was no "Part 1" at the end of this title. Does that mean that this video will not be concluded?

  • Officer nikki needs to be a regular
  • tafstan
    Definitely need to see more of officer Niki Darling!
  • tafstan

  • Still gotta work on the patdown part no leo is going go crouch when searching a prisoner and when searching females you need to check the bra area blade your hand in that area make them shake there bra out as well

  • Not bad for as far as it has gone, but is there any location where you can make these with less background noise? I hope that the next parts will have mug shots in bare or at least sock feet, strip searches at least to undies, and real fingerprinting.
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