Officer Lo Break In Part 1
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Officer Lo gets a very rude awakening when she finds someone has broken into her home! She is forced to arrest the intruder and bring her to the station herself. Come see this exciting part 1 now!

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  • admin
    @brock yes Lauren is available for customs I just have not had the chance to add her yet to the custom site, I will soon. and @Arccert1 yes shoes should be off for Mugshot sorry about that

  • I say do mugshots before interviewing and finger printing also if when doing a mug shot shoes need to be off

  • @brockobama999_265bd I think you and I both complained about her not getting the full treatment in the last video. No reason she should not get it here, caught for breaking and entering.

  • Very promising part 1! Hoping to see Lauren in a jumpsuit and chains this time. Also, is it possible that she'll be available for customs in the future?
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