Officer Lisa Arrests Lo Valentine Part 2
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Officer Lisa gets Lo Valentine back to the station and begins her processing. She gets her waist chain and handcuffs taken off so she can put on her new uniform. Come see part 2 of 3 now!

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  • Lo. At least Lisa didn't put the leg irons back on you.

  • @magalardo_95685 My thoughts exactly. Reminds me of the "Spring Break Interrupted" story a few months ago when Lo and the other girl got busted. I wonder if there's more than just traffic tickets involved here too.

  • Something tells me that Lo might not be taking that trip she was planning! :)

  • First no pants uniform I think since "Speeding Stevie" a year or more ago. We will see court in Part 3? That's also a first in a long time.
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