Officer Lisa Arrests Jackie Jupiter Part 1
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Officer Lisa has finally caught Jackie Jupiter and has all the evidence she needs to put her away. Come see Part 1 of the takedown now!

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  • Chr9981
    I hope the update is on the way

  • @whatamidoingwithmyli_b012a Agree 100%. I saw your comment before I watched this. Before the 1 minute mark I was look at the timer and said there was no need for 30 more seconds of this. Also, Jackie had a perfect right to ask Lisa if she had a warrant and not just let her in. Still, this one can get better in the next parts. Lisa and Jackie are a good cop/crook combo.

  • It's nice to see Jackie being arrested again! But seriously, why spend 90 seconds at the start watching Jackie count money? That time could've been used on a patdown or something. I dont understand why that was skipped.
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