Officer Lisa Arrests Charlotte Part 3
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In the last part of this series Charlotte is given a strip search and an orange and white striped two piece uniform. Of course she is also given some silver to go with her outfit. Come see what happens in this part 3!

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  • I really like this video. Charlotte as prisoner and Lisa as officer are a good team.

  • Very good video. Lisa and Charlotte are a good team. Pleas more often the combination of a tight waist chain and hinged handcuffs behind back. And I really like the chocking of handcuffs and double locking them.

  • I also like the combination of waist chain and hinged handcuffs behind her back. This is very secure and should be done more often. The waist chain was tight enough, in other videos they are sometimes too loose. Lisa checked the handcuffs and double locked them. This should be done always. Double lock is very important for security and safety and I often miss it in the videos.

  • I like this video. Charlotte as prisoner and Lisa as officer are a good team.
  • smilzo83_240cf
    I fully agree with RonaldB. for how this video ends there must necessarily be a sequel to the story. a sentence and a sentence to be served in prison, with another full uniform

  • I don't get why she didn't spend at least a little time in the cell in uniform. If not for the long ride in the first part and the time waiting for the uniform in the second part there could have been some lockup time here.

  • Would have been good to see her up in front of the county Judge getting the sentence she deserved

  • Please please please do more with Charlotte. She is so cute and sexy and she's a very talented actress here, too.
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