Officer Lisa Arrested Part 2
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Officer Mackenzi gets Lisa all ready for the cell. She makes her change into her new inmate uniform and gets her all cuffed up! She even puts in a special little twist to payback Lisa for all of the times she has arrested her. Come watch the last part of this series!

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  • Very sexy

  • Lisa looks so good in green. And that one padlock sure makes it frustrating for her. Good show!

  • Lisa does wear the green very well, but I've always been partial to either orange or the black-and-white stripes. I also prefer the shirt-pant combo over one-piece jumpsuits, so I enjoyed seeing that uniform style used here.

  • Lisa wears the green dark green well, better of course than that disgusting orange from the last time she played an inmate. Mackenzie a cop? This really is another "Mirror Universe" episode.
  • raven12
    Very nice from a handcuff perspective. Mackenzi and Lisa's acting is quite good.
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