Officer Lisa and Officer Ava Slick Arrest Kelsie Attempted Murder Pt3
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Kelsie is taken to the Jail where she is questioned, handcuffed and shackled then thrown in a cell

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  • Part 2 of this story has a typo in the title, and "Kelsie" doesn't appear. It would seem that you have created one of the most disorganized web sites in internet history. Your naming is inconsistent, your story lines are hard to follow. The entire site is hard to navigate and the download procedure is frustrating.

  • i'd like to see Kelsie as the cop arresting/patting down pesephone or one of the other smaller models

  • Did we miss part 2?

  • Where is part 2?

  • and again if u just pan camera up 2 inches u can film both leg irons being put on and still see the handcuffs instead of half the screen being the floor

  • Kelsie is such a good model. lots more of her.. girls can be interrogated while cuffed behind too.. or put in black box to be interrogated. doesn't always have to be changed to front or cuffed to table
  • Chr9981
    I like it. I hope that you will put part 2 up soon as well.
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