Nikki and Illegal Substances Part 2
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Officer Natalie gets Nikki back to the station and starts the processing.She takes her fingerprints and tries to get some more information from Nikki. Come see what happens in this part 2 of 3!

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  • Niki is one of my Favorite Modles! SHe is so beautiful and her smile just brightens the room up when she enters

  • People have heart attack here! Shame on you all! Busters!
  • admin
    I agree @Jesperbj I think its a great video :) No strip search this video, we do offer customs and she is available for strip searches for an extra fee

  • Why is people so angry here? Stupid guys! I like this🙌🏼

  • this somewhat boring video shows little or nothing of the prisoner's trial and therefore no jumpsuit

  • Poor editing , first showing the front view of the car coming in and the garage door closing, then backing up and showing the same again from the inside of the car. One or the other would have been fine but no need for both. I was expecting Nikki to get strip searched in this one but that will have to wait till next one.
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