Nikki and Illegal Substances Part 1
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Officer Natalie busts Nikki Darling red handed ingesting an illegal substance. She quickly gets Nikki detained and briefly pats her down before bringing her in to the station. Come see what happens in this Part 1!

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  • admin
    @Jesperbj Really is a wonderful day and great shoot :) and thanks for your kind words @hondo17!

  • Hmmm! What a wonderful day. Someone have a special shoot here! Guess who?

  • Always nice to see Nikki handcuffed! Would love to see her in some zipties!

  • Awesome update. Haven't seen Natalie get arrested in awhile 😎. The zoom in on the hands was spot on. Keep up the great work. 👍

  • I like the way Nikki gets patted down. Search should be much more hands on and through, hope this will stay like that in the future

  • Nikki busted again! They both look very good here. Nikki's top accentuates her cleavage well. Oo La La on those short short denim shorts! Nice uni for Natalie. However, too much dead time on the drive.
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