Naughty Schoolgirls Part 1
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Daisy Meadows and Violet are arrested at school for planting a bomb in the bathroom. These girls are in some serious trouble and Officer Jackie is there to take them down to the station. Come see what happens in this part 1!

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  • This was a cool location, for sure. And the acting was much better compared to other recent updates. Other pro to this video was the girls, this was a good group. What I didn’t like was cuffing them to the chair first. Just handcuff them behind the back, both hands at once, like normal.

  • It nice but when doing mug shots make them remove their shoes so they are normal height
  • admin
    Sorry for the delayed update! hope you all like this one the girls worked extremely hard on this one! Also a new and unique location, we got permission to shoot this at a school!
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