MS Rosie Arrested Pt 3 Sentencing and Prison
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HD 1080 P video of Ms. Rosey White Sentenced to a total of 18 years in prison for dating one of her students and second degree Murder. She is Strip Searched, and put in a jumpsuit and then prison

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  • admin
    Its a mix of a couple photos taken while video taping and screenshots. All of the content is posted for this video

  • Nicely done! I noted that a few of the preview photos here are not in the actual video, so I'm wondering if you took photos separately. If so, were you planning on releasing them? I know some users don't like photo updates, so perhaps as a bonus update?
  • admin
    Ms Rosey was ok with removing her top but not bottoms. we don't push models to do anything they dont want to. She was a lovely hardworking model!

  • The strip search should include remove "everything"!
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