Mia Arrests Ava Arrest Warrant and resisting arrest pt1
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Mia Asks Ava what her name is since she looked suspicious and Ava Runs then trips, Mia Jumps on her and puts her in cuffs and walks over to the cop car to question Ava. While Officer Mia calls in to the station Ava tries to run again so Mia grabs her and shackles her. Ava tries to escape a third time so Mia puts her in the car and takes her to jail on resisting arrest and a warrant for not showing up to court for a speeding ticket

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  • admin
    Yes this is Ava Slick :)

  • are this girl and ava slick the same model?

  • Nice job on finally getting a new officer. Mia is great and hope to see more of her as the cop. Agreed with others, this was a good one.

  • damn good surprise, ava is gorgeous, mia is really great as a cop and i liked the fast handcuffing. good one !

  • Would like to see more of using the seat belt while cuffed .

  • Love the way she was handcuffed, hopefully having more videos like that next time
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