McKenzie Self Surrenders Pt. 2
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McKenzie is put in the cell, where she struggles a bit with the cuffs and shackles, until Officer Mia is nice enough to take the duct tape off of her mouth. She pulls her out of the cell to begin her processing and for her to change into the jumpsuit. McKenzie is put back in the cell and when Officer Mia has heard enough, she duct tapes her mouth again.

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  • I aggee about more prisoners being gagged, I would like to see the ones that are gagged appear before a junge & have the judge ordere them gagged with either a leather gag or a tape that is applied numberous times, at least 3 times, good would be 4 times.
  • KiraAnn
    Currently working on new ideas and updates! Coming soon :)

  • You need to produce more videos with the prisoner is gagged!!!!!
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