Mackenzi and Charlotte Contraband Part 1
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Mackenzi and Charlotte are in jail when Officer Lisa comes in with the warden to do a cell search. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for these inmates. Come see what happens in this Part 1!

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  • Charlotte and Mackenzi are both amazing and incredibly sexy. Love them!

  • @Mikepav7 send to

  • @ronaldB if you want put your email and I’ll send you one and we can talk. I’m in for splitting it.

  • What a great TGIF lunch break treat this was! LOL, even Charley the Cat was mad at those bad girls. Loving the stripes on both of them. Loving Mackenzi's toenail paint that matched her black stripes. :) Looking forward to the next part. @Mikepav7 I might be interested in splitting with you. I've had similar sentiments in the past. Is there some way we can message each other?

  • Videos have been great lately! I messaged them to do a custom shoot. I could do it but price is a little steep. I have some good ideas for future videos. Is anyone interested in going 50/50 with me for a custom shoot so they could post to? Let me know
  • raven12
    I like it when the prisoners talk back to Officer Lisa.
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